Admission Opportunity in:

Universities, Community colleges, language schools, summer /winter schools, Secondary Schools, etc

Eligibility Requirements:

  • High School Graduates
  • Bachelor degree holders
  • Master Degree holders


  • Undergraduate level: 51 ibt
  • Postgraduate level: 91 ibt
  • There are admission opportunities without TOEFL in some institutions. Contact us for details.

Bank Statement Requirement

  • Tuition fee + Living Expenses for one year.
Living Expenses
  • US $10000 per year
Tuition fee per year
  • Undergraduate Level: US $ 5000-25000 per year
  • Postgraduate Level: US $12000-30000 per year

Client institutions:

  1. Wichita State University
  2. Montana State University, Billings
  3. Globe University
  4. Herkimer County Community college, New York
  5. University of Northern Virginia
  6. Bethel University
  7. Menlo College
  8. Devry University
  9. INTO Oregon State University
  10. Florida State University
  11. Berkeley College,
  12. King’s College
  13. Chadron State College
  14. Northern Arizona University
  15. South East Missouri State University
  16. Berkeley College


For admission assessment, please fill our online assessment form and submit your documents on this site.