International Students in Canada:

International Students are highly welcome by Canada. Under the current Immigration policy, they are the most favored class of immigration. The number of international students applying and studying in Canada is increasing for the past few due to several factors including favored policy by the Canadian government and the restrictions by countries like the UK, Australia and USA.

International Students have the opportunity to study in Canada and then apply for Post graduate Work Permit of upto 3 years duration. They can also apply for Permanent residence while living in Canada in any of the immigration class in which they qualify.

International students are allowed to work part time in Canada during their term period and full time during vacations. During their term period, they can work 20 hours on campus and 20 hour off campus.

There is no age limit for admission in Canadian educational institutions. Students of grade 1 to Ph.D degree programs and other vocational and professional trainings can apply for admission in Canadian institutions. However, they have to meet the immigration requirements to get Student Visa and/or Study Permit to be eligible to come and study in Canada.

Admission Opportunity in:

Canadian K12 Schools, Career Colleges, Community colleges and Universities


  • School students (Any grade)
  • High School graduated ( Year 12 pass)
  • Students pursuing Bachelor degree
  • Bachelor degree holders
  • Master degree holders


  • Undergraduate level: 6.0 (Admission possible with low IELTS through ESL)
  • Postgraduate level: 6.0/6.5 (Admission possible with low IELTS through ESL)
  • Admission possible without IELTS in some cases- Pl contact us for details

Bank Statement Requirement

  • Tuition fee +Living expenses for one year $10000+travelling expenses
  • Bank Statement Duration:Preferrably for last 4 months. Fresh statement may be acceptable under circumstances
  • Personal or sponsor

Client Institutions:

Euro Consultants enjoys written and verbal agreements with over 100 Canadian institutions where we can place our client students. Names of some popular of the client institutions are mentioned below. In addition, we can apply for your admission in any other Canadian institution, not listed below.


  • Alberta
    • Lakehead College
  • British Columbia
    • Royalroads University
    • Thomson river University
    • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    • Acsenda School of Management
    • Alexander college
    • College of New Caledonia
    • Camber College
    • College of Rockies
  • Manitoba
    • University of Manitoba
    • Manitoba Institute of Technology
  • Nova Scotia
    • Cape Breton University
    • Apex Language & College College
  • New Brunswick
    • New Brunswick Community College
  • New Found land & Labrador
  • Ontario
    • University of Windsor
    • Lakehead University
    • Georgian College
    • Durham College
    • Sheridan College
    • Fleming College
    • Fanshawe College
    • St Clair College
    • Seneca College
    • Loyalist College
    • Trios College
    • Biztech College
    • Anderson College
    • Canadian Business College
    • Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy
    • RCC Institute of Technology
    • Herzing College
    • Culture Works
  • Prince Edward Island
    • University of Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
    • TECCART Institute
    • La SALLE College
    • Herzing College
  • Saskatchewan
    • University of Regina
    • Parkland Community college

For admission assessment, please fill our online Assessment form on this website and upload your documents.