Canada offers Immigration / Permanent Residence opportunity to Agriculturalist and farm Managers who have experience as an Agriculturalist or Farm Manager.


  1. 2+ years experience as a Farm Manager or as an Agriculturalist
  2. High School ( Grade 12) or higher qualification
  3. Good English language skills
  4. Net Assets of C$ 400,000 +
  5. Willing to invest C$200,000 in purchase of a farm after arrival in Canada.

Currently we are processing Applications for Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces of Canada for this category.

Entrepreneur are a class of people who are chosen on the basis of their Business Management / Entrepreneurial  experience, Net worth, investment and some times English language skills.

Different provinces of Canada have different Entrepreneur requirements. For details, please fill our FREE online Assessment form followed by meeting with our Chief consultant.

The Net worth requirement for different provinces of Canada ranges from C$350,000 to 600,000, whereas, the investment amount ranges from C$150,000 – 10,00,000