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Ahmad Junaid Salik -RCIC#509291, QEAC#C281Welcome to Euro Consultants; a Canadian Immigration and international education advising and consulting firm, known in six continents for over a decade for its quality and trustworthy services. We are regulated and recognized by the authorities in Australia, Canada, UK  and USA for our skills, competency and standard of professional services. At Euro Consultants we strive to offer professional, sincere and dedicated services to our clients. We are in this profession for over half quarter of a century and have carved the future of thousands of young men, women and families. We are not the best but definitely have the potential to contribute effectively to your success. ICEFLOGOOur unique philosophy of service is our key to success.
We are client oriented and work for the client’s best interest. By
keeping the “client first” we have succeeded in winning the client
confidence which ultimately contributed to our success. QEACWe started from a scratch in 2003 and have evolved to our current  dignified position by sheer our hard work and luck. Our success is incomplete without our clients’ trust and support and those colleagues
who have contributed as our team member.
ICCRC logoWe invite you to contact us, no matter which part of the globe you live in. Our clients living in our vicinity or thousands of miles away, get the same standard of services. We are confident that we will shape your future abroad and lead you to your destination as an immigrant, worker, student, or family member.
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Ahmad Junaid Salik - CEO – Euro Consultants